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To provide a high quality source of local news and media using traditional print media and new digital editions while upholding award-winning independent journalism in the culturally diverse and thriving heartland of Sydney.

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Founded in 1920 by the Engisch family, Torch Publishing has been a proud member of the Bankstown Canterbury district ever since. We have a large, modern printing facility in Condell Park which is used to print our own papers and many independently owned mastheads.

Torch Publishing Company | 47 Allingham Street, Condell Park, NSW 2200 • 612 9795 0000 • ABN 46 008 462 404

Publications Currently Produced:

Previously Produced:

Cooks River Valley Times

Northern Beaches Weekender

RAAF Advocate

Canterbury-Bankstown Torch:

The Bankstown-Canterbury Torch is the flagship of the Torch Group of local community newspapers. Part of the local community since 1920, the Torch has immense credibility and is widely renowned for its reporting of community news, local affairs and for acting as the community’s watchdog for over 90 years. First choice for local advertisers, the Torch is the market leader for Retail, Real Estate and Entertainment advertising. Local businesses rely on the Torch for employment advertising, while local tradespeople and the community generally depend on and make use of the Directories and Classifieds pages each week. The Torch proudly supports and is involved in a wide range of community events and activities including: both Bankstown and Canterbury Business Awards, Christmas Carols and Australia Day celebrations, Bankstown Rotary and local community festivals in Bankstown, Lakemba, Campsie, Revesby and Panania. 2014 Runner-Up ‘Best Community Newspaper in Australia’. Best national advertisement - Community Newspapers of Australia 2015.

Circulation 100,000 copies quarterly | Readership See Torch (CAB Audit) 139,281 Sessions | 99,177 Users | 445,306 Page Views (Google 2016)

Auburn Review:

For over 50 years, the Auburn Review Pictorial has been the leading newspaper in this diverse, multi-cultural region of Sydney. First choice for advertisers needing to reach their local community, the Review is the main newspaper serving the Auburn municipal area. A major supporter of community events and sponsors of the Auburn Small Business Awards and the ‘Youth Stage’ and Auburn Council’s Australia Day festivities, the Review is proud of its commitment to the Auburn community. The Review works closely with Auburn Council to support and promote a range of community events, including the Mayor’s Charity Golf Day each June. The annual School Citizenship Awards are just one of the community service initiatives instigated by the Auburn Review over the years.

Circulation 22,982 copies weekly | Readership 45,000 weekly (CAB Audit) 139,281 Sessions | 99,177 Users | 445,306 Page Views (Google 2016)

Inner West Times:

First published in 1993, the Inner West Times (formerly published as the Cooks River Valley Times) has established itself as a vibrant community newspaper. The distribution area includes part of both Canterbury and Marrickville municipalities and the Inner West Times provides residents with their very own local community voice. The Inner West Times has filled a void in this area, which is surrounded on all sides by larger circulating local publications that struggle to provide sufficient local news coverage for the area. The local community turns each Wednesday to their own local newspaper for news and information, as well as feature sections for local Real Estate, Dining and Entertainment. Local businesses appreciate the support they receive from the Inner West Times, as the media partner in the Canterbury Business Awards. The Inner West Times is an integral part of the local community and is a sponsor of all Canterbury Council’s major promotions, as well as supporting the Earlwood and Croydon Park Festivals, Marrickville’s Cooks River Sustainability and Arts Festival and other local events throughout the year.

Circulation 21,891 copies weekly | Readership 35,000 weekly (CAB Audit) 139,281 Sessions | 99,177 Users | 445,306 Page Views (Google 2016)

50s+ Seniors:

The 50’s Plus Lifestyle Magazine is a full colour gloss magazine, targeting our largest demographic market - Baby Boomers and Seniors. The over 50s market control 25% of all disposable income and own 40% of all assets nationally. The magazine offers a variety of lifestyle and informative articles on topics such as finance, health & wellbeing, entertainment, travel, dining and home maintenance. It also provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase their services to a specifically targeted audience. With a circulation of 100,000 (90,000 inserted into the Torch Newspaper) and 10,000 copies placed in strategic locations, the numbers really stack up. 50’s Plus Lifestyle Magazine is now part of the exciting Local News Plus website where you can read not only the latest version of the publication but catch up on previous issues. Visit -

Circulation 88,603 copies weekly | Readership 140,000 weekly (CAB Audit) 139,281 Sessions | 99,177 Users | 445,306 Page Views (Google 2016)

Some Of Our Clients:

The publications listed below are run by their respective owners, Torch Publishing does not condone or support the independent views of these publications.


Blue Mountains Tourist

Blueberry Magazine

City Extra (Menu)

Vema (Greek Orthodox)

Hills TV Guide

Illawarra Mercury

NUAA (NSW Users and AIDS Association)

Green Mail (Political)

Polish Express

Le Foafoa o Samoa

Freedom (Scientology)

Novosti (Serbian)

Nichigo (Japanese)

Japaralia (Japanese)

La Fiamma (Italian)

Corriere Della Sera (Italian)

St George Leader

Monthly Chronicle

3d Magazine

Arab World

Al Furat (Arabic)

Indian Times

Fijian Times

Meie Kodu (Estonian)

Dan Viet (Vietnamese)

Viet Planet (Vietnamese)

Koori Mail (Indigenous)

Southern Cross (Anglican)

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